Spring Time Rides with Colugo

    The spring time is always my favorite season. Both of my boys are September babies, which means I’ve spent a lot of my postpartum indoors due to the cold weather in NYC. So once spring time comes I love strolling the neighborhood for some fresh air or picking up Calvin from preschool. Recently we’ve been using our Colugo “The Complete Stroller” and it’s pretty amazing. Comes in a few different colors, but army green is our fave. We currently have the stroller attached to their “Complete Infant Kit” which allows the stroller to work as a bassinet for smaller babies. The kit comes with a universal car seat adapter, extra infant padding and allows you to lay flat the stroller seat in order to give baby a comfy flat ride.

    A few cool features about the stroller, the shade hood extends and its UPF 50 to keep your child safe from the sun during sunny days. The seat can either be places forward or rear facing as baby gets older. Once baby is about four moths, you” notice they love seeing out and paying attention to the world around them. The seat has a 175 degree recliner which is great for nap time and sitting up to eat a snack.

    I love that the height is great enough for Calvin to see his baby brother and check in during our rides together.

    The stroller has an all wheel suspension and can smoothy glide through grass, curbs, and concrete without having to struggle through the bumps of the city. All this city mom wants is to have a smooth ride without waking up her baby.

    The extra large basket is great for carrying all the extra bags that moms think they need every time they leave home!

    Am I the only one that over packs ? or loves large stroller baskets? Imagine trips to target without a basket… a hot mess.

    One of my favorite parts about this stroller is how easily you can buckle baby in and out. Just one click and it’s unlocked, but secure enough for baby to stay in. I also love that it has extra padding on the straps to protect baby from any strap burns. The pads are also great teether! ha! Folding the stroller can feel a little tricky but once you got it, its the easiest stroller to fold.

    The Colugo complete stroller comes with a few thing already as part of the packaging, a cup holder and rain cover. Which is something very hard to find with most strollers, how great is it that everything is sold together! if you’re looking for a stroller for all seasons, check out Colugo.