Oh, DockaTot! Baby Must Have!


      Oh, @dockatot we wish we would have had you at birth! I can’t say how excited I was when DockATot gave me the opportunity to collaborate with them! What’s not to love about this fluffy lounging pod. The DockAtot is a baby must have the item on any registry. It’s the one thing I regret not putting on mines. One big reason I did not was because I was not at all planning to co-sleep ( things you say you’ll never do before becoming a parent lol) Since Calvin was premature and had a sensitive stomach we really wish we would have had a co-sleeper safe enough for him to sleep and helpful enough to allow us to keep him close at night. It was only after he had his surgery that someone gifted us a co-sleeper to keep a closer look at him in the case of vomiting or choking. The co-sleeper also helped transition him into his crib once he was better. It made things smooth. Also helpful to mama’s breastfeeding at night.7524942544_IMG_0763

We’re so excited @dockatot sent us over the DockATot grand. The DockATot grand is for ages 9-36 months. It can be used for co-sleeping and safe place for baby to lounge or nap. It’s also helpful with transitioning baby into their own bed. I know the price is expensive, however, the quality of this product is amazing and you can trust that it will be a great investment. Calvin has had it for a week now and He loves it. I feel safe to leave him sleeping in it and know he won’t roll off because of the high fluffy edges. Babies need sleep, he sure does sleep comfortably in his DockAtot grand. We’re excited to use it on our trip to D.R this summer and take it to daycare for him to use there. So stay tuned for Calvin’s adventures with @dockatot 





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