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I’m away on vacation with our little family. However, I wanted to quickly share my baby wearing faves! I shared these products on my IG page for my #productcrushwednesday series last week. Hope you love them & Check them out!

I can’t share enough how important I think babywearing is, did you know that studies have shown that babies grow healthier through physical touch? I’m so grateful for carriers because they allow me to share a special bond with my son. He’s close enough to kiss and feel his heartbeat. Since Calvin was premature I didn’t have physical contact with him till a week after giving birth, I got to hold him when I gave birth and they quickly took him away to the NICU. I was so emotional and desired to physically have skin to skin with him. I read so much during my pregnancy and this was one of the things most specialist and blogger moms spoke about. Another benefit about skin to skin is giving your baby the opportunity to breastfeed. Although Calvin had a lot of issues latching on, one of the reasons my supplies was so low was because of a lack of contact I had in the beginning with him and him not being able to latch correctly. So to any new mama reading, hold your baby as long as you want. But I’m sure you’re doing that anyway. Who wouldn’t! Anyways, I’m so thankful there are so many different baby wearing products for every stage! These are my fave.

Each one of these babywearing gears are so different but serves the same purpose, to carry baby close to kiss and hug. I’m currently using the @ergobaby and @mywildbird.

The Ergobaby was the first carrier I got gifted to me for our baby shower. It’s the Ergobaby 360, I love using it when I have to take long trips with Calvin. It gives me support, comfort and I can use it multiple ways, front, back, facing forward, side, It was perfect when we went hiking. I started using this a little later once Calvin met the weight requirement since he was a preemie. They do sell a newborn insert for smaller babies and it comes with a head cover for baby.

@sollybabywrap is a baby wrap, I used this wrap when Calvin was much smaller. I wore it around the house to get stuff done. Calvin would sleep for hours in this wrap. I would recommend it for newborn babies, gives you lots of skin to skin with baby. The material was so soft and it made me feel safe carrying him around with it.

@mywildbird the baby sling. I bought this sling for the summer. I wanted something lightweight and comfy. It’s been my favorite sling so far this summer. I’ve taken it to our pop art museum adventures and walks to the park, and I’m currently using it in Punta Cana. If your a breastfeeding mama you can also use it and feed baby in it. I love this company also because their slings are made by stay at home mothers! How beautiful is that?

Hope you found this post insightful! Let me know what’s your favorite babywearing gear!


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