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Routine baby, routine!

I’ve had a few mamas asked about my bedtime routine with Calvin and sleep training. First I will say this, Calvin has been a great sleeper since he was born which made creating a bedtime routine easier. My first advice, find a routine that works for your family, my routine is centered around my husband’s work schedule and when Calvin is most tired. Think about your schedule, babies feeding times, when is he or she most tired? and what soothes baby?. Because I’ve been bottle feeding Calvin since he was born it was also easier to slowly remove night feeds, he was sleeping through the night by 4 months. Also, babies go through a sleep regression, which means at some point they revert back to waking up at night out of nowhere. During this period we kept our routine and it’s been working ever since.

So this is the routine that has worked for us:

  • 8:00pm – Last meal ( usually a heavy veggie like sweet potato, squash chunks, potatoes, green beans etc)
  • 9:15pm – Bath time ( this we aim to do bath time every other night, but as Calvin starts getting older we definitely want this to be part of our every night routine)
  • 9:30pm – change into PJ’s, lights off, Night light is on, and play lullabies. ( we’ve been playing the Hillsong baby lullabies since we started this routine, along with waterfall sounds and Super Mario bro lullaby. They all soothe him depending on his mood)
  • 10pm – sitting in rocking chair and feed last bottle, give him his wubnub Paci till he falls asleep and take him over to his crib.

He usually falls asleep within 15 mins and doesn’t wake up till 8 am ish. If he wakes up earlier we pat his booty and shush him quietly, he goes back to sleep.

On really bad nights ( teething nightmares, oh those nights are truly nightmares! ) we did our same routine but since he would wake up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night we co slept with him. He got rest and we got rest! Everyone is happy!!

Things that did not work for me, the crying method. If you’ve endured this method for more than 5 minutes, OOF Your a trooper!. We couldn’t, I remember telling my husband for nights ” he needs to cry it out! Don’t pick him up!” And I couldn’t even last 5 minutes without getting up and putting him on our bed. But I will advice that during your days of sleep training baby, picking baby up should be your last option. But that’s my opinion, find what comforts baby most. Also, doing our routine earlier. I tired a 7:30pm bedtime, but with My husband’s work schedule he would never see Calvin and that was something he felt he couldn’t do. So we kept it at 10pm. Calvin needs daddy time too!

If your a breastfeeding mommy your routine will look a little different. I know removing feedings at night can be hard especially when your boob soothes baby to sleep. I’ve read from other breastfeeding moms that this transition can be rough, so be patient with baby and yourself. Sleep training is hard boob or no boo but you’ll get there. Some moms have shared that every week they removed one breastfeed at night until baby was able to stay 6 hours without a night feeding. Remember, you’re boob might just be a soother for baby at night when their crying. Try finding something else that will soothe him or her, paci, patting, music, rocking etc. These nights will feel long but once you can get into a routine it will be smooth. Babies are able to master routines quickly as long as your constant.


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