A Life of Joy

IMG_9055 Well, I made it to twenty-eight.

   It’s been such a wonderful and hard year. Last Sunday, my pastor spoke about what it means to have joy as a Christian and how very often we can struggle to be Christians that seek joy in dry and suffering seasons. Do have a hard time seeing God’s goodness during those times? I know I do.

    At the end of his sermon he challenged us to write down ways God has blessed us, which prayers He’s answered and how has He brought us out of the whatever pit we were in. God has so willingly loved and out poured his mercy over my life. How can a God so big spend His time thinking of me? How is it that in times of suffering I turn away from Him and He seeks me out? God doesn’t owe us anything. He choses to give us things we don’t deserve out of mercy and love.

So for this 28th year of life, I want to remember all the ways that he has been faithful despite the struggles. I challenge you to do the same. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget God’s faithfulness when you don’t get our way or when a storm hits us.

  • His mercy and love in saving me.
  • Providing me with a husband that sharpens me and sacrifices for our family.
  • Giving me the ability to have life.
  • Healing Calvin and growing him beautifully.
  • Helping me through my anxiety and growing back my hair.
  • Making a way for me to attend grad school again.
  • Providing people in my life to care and love my family.
  • Putting me in uncomfortable positions.
  • Listening to my prayer about work and giving me the title I’ve wanted for so long.
  • Making a way for us to get the apartment we’ve been looking at for the last three years.
  • Allowing me to encourage mothers through my blog.
  • Opening opportunities to work with brands.
  • Giving me a side job to make extra money.
  • Giving Ruben commission opportunities through his art.
  • Providing Calvin to attend an affordable daycare and very close to home. ( Across the street)
  • Drawing my younger brother from my dad’s side to become closer to us and accept Jesus. hallelujah!
  • Giving me the time to invest in youth and see Him transform their lives.
  • Being able to be financially well despite our struggles.
  • Giving me strength when I have none during motherhood.
  • For a successful first semester in Grad School.
  • For new friends.


I am beyond grateful for these blessings and answered prayers, I hope to remember them in this new year of life. What are some prayers you’ve seen God work in your life? Write them down, praise Him, and remember them when you feel nothing to be joyful about.


Transparent city mama


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