Is He Breathing ? (Omie View Mirror Review)

I think one of the scariest things about bringing a baby home especially if you were in the NICU is putting baby to sleep, at least for me it was. The reality is that not a lot of people talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but it’s real and it happens.

So what is SIDS? It’s explained as an unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. There is no explanation for it, but tragically it happens. It the very reason when you leave the hospital one of the things you’re told is to never put your baby in a crib with blankets, pillows, stuff animals or even cotton crib bumpers. Your baby must sleep on its back and swaddle. I don’t know about you mama, but I was really overwhelmed thinking about the idea of Calvin not being able to breathe. So many concerns, ” what if he turns?”, or ” what if he comes unsaddled and the blanket covers his face?” It’s all scary.

In our case, Calvin vomited a lot as a baby. Although he slept with us in our room, every noise he made we would hop off our bed and check him. Especially after we had a scary moment with him where he was choking on his own vomit. If we had him in the pack in play sleeping, I would stare at him at night just watching his stomach rise up and down, just to make sure he was breathing. I would spend hours watching him breathe. Being a new parent can feel overwhelming and scary, so I’m grateful for brands that make products thinking of parents. Why? Because they themselves are parents.

Omie View gave me the opportunity to review their product and I have to say that it’s a product that I wish I would have known about when Calvin was born. You can place it on a bassinet or crib as another way to monitor baby especially if your baby cam is not near. With the remote, you can change the angle you desire to see your baby. The view is clear enough to give you peace. I love that you can use it for both a bassinet and a crib. Safe sleeping is so important for babies and toddlers. Having the right products makes things so much smoother.

These are some of the features shared by them:

  • Equipped with a convex mirror to give you a better range of view of your baby inside the bassinet.
  • A remote control allows you to adjust the mirror so you have a constant view of your baby, no matter how often you move around.
  • Soft LED light to see your baby in even the darkest of rooms.
  • As mobile as your bassinet. Use it in your room, living room, kitchen or on-the-go. Wherever you take your bassinet, take along your Omie View.

” The Omie View Bassinet Mirror was created by parents for parents, to allow you to monitor your baby resting in a bassinet or crib, without having to get up or sit up to see them. It’s easy to use and flexible—just clip it to the side of the bassinet/crib and adjust the mirror angle with its handy remote control. 

If you’re a mom to be or new mama, definitely recommend this product. Makes the perfect baby shower gift, especially for a first time mama.

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