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Children’s Diversity Books

This week I found some beautiful diverse children’s books and I thought I should share them with you all. Some of these we own and some are on our “MUST BUY LIST”. 

  1. Remarkable You– Great for empowering Children and highlighting their gifts.
  2. I am Enough– Encouraging and empowering children to see the beauty in themselves and how they look.
  3. Brown Boy Joy– I love this book, it’s hard finding books with characters that look like Calvin. So it’s perfect for any brown little boy.
  4. Skin Like Mine– Great for talking about race, ethnicity, and reminding children that each one of them is unique in their own way.
  5. Island Born– For all my little Island kids, this right here is wonderful.
  6. Shaking Things Up!– If you haven’t introduced Ruby Bridges to your kids, she is a historical advocate in black history.
  7. Festival of Colors – Teaching children about other cultural celebrations invite children into celebrating with others and seeing the importance of other people’s values and beliefs.
  8. Every Little Thing –  Bob Marley is a league for his peaceful and empowering music.
  9. Where are you from?  – This book is a great conversation starter to teach your children about answering the question ” Where are they from?” Take the opportunity to teach them the history of their race and family.

Books by Black Mama’s 

Beautiful, Beautiful Me – By: Ashley Sirah Hinton

How I Wear My Crown – By: Ka’ala Kaio Mahlangeni-Byndon

Why exposing children to more diverse books matters? It matters because it teaches children about other people’s race, ethnicity, beliefs, and values. It gives them an opportunity to look outside of what they’re surrounded by. It’s also important for black and brown children to see themselves be represented in books they read. Representation matters in books and exposing children to books that can encourage and empower them to change the way they are reading, learning, and empathizing with others.


What are some of your favorite diverse books right now? Share them in the comments!

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  • Reply caroline fortuna

    I love this list, many of them I’ve been wanting to get for my daughter such as “I Am Enough”. As a child I always loved to read almost at every single age, no matter what stage in life I was in, reading was like therapy for me. It’s beautiful to see that books are becoming more diverse and relatable to all children. I also want to recommend the book, “The Day You Begin” by Jacqueline Woodson. It is a remarkably touching book which a lot of kids can relate to. Not to mention, the book is written by a Black Woman who is also a New Yorker like us and illustrated by a Latino American. Thanks for sharing all these great books to read!

    June 9, 2020 at 2:54 pm
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