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Lava You (DIY)

It’s been a tough week for our family and being a parent during this time has been difficult. The hardest part about mourning as a parent is also having to be emotionally and physically present for your child. Calvin reminds me that life continues to happen no matter how much I want to stop time. So in the mist of sadness and grief we did a this DIY Lava Lamp. He was so amazed and loved it, we know our dearest Tia Ada would have loved watching videos of this.

Items needed for this DIY:

Cooking Oil , Water, Food Coloring & Alka Seltzer Tablets

Added half the cup with water and oil, then added some food coloring drops. Calvin choose the color blue.

After I had him put the pieces of seltzer in the cup, I’ve enjoyed having him help during these projects. I’ve been using it as a time to practice active listening.

The bubbling was really amazing to see! He loved it!

This experiment is pretty quick and easy, so I would say doing at least three jars at a time. You definitely need lots of oil and consider using taller plain water bottles. It’s perfect for a toddler and great for building conversations.

Some questions I asked him and things I had him identify as we did the lava lamp:

What is the oil? , what is the water?, what colors do you see on the table ?, what color is the water turning?, what color is the seltzer tablet?, what is happening now that we put the seltzer inside?

If you’ve done this DIY before let me know how your kiddo love it or what you did differently.

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  • Reply Caroline

    I love how you don’t need too many materials for this one and he seemed to really enjoy it. Thanks for adding the great prompting questions at the end, that really adds to the whole learning experience. I can’t wait to see Celine’s face when we try this, now I just need to get some Alka szeltzer tablets! Lol

    August 13, 2020 at 1:02 pm
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