Cloudy Rain Experiment

Items needed for this activity:

Food Coloring, Shaving Cream, Cups

We added water to both cups and left some space to put shaving cream on top.

He loved that it looked like cloud’s and how it didn’t mix with the water

After we began to put the drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream, slowly they would make their way into the water. As you can see he has other plans. Ha!

And after being tired of watching the drops go into the water, we decided it would be more fun to stick our tiny hands in the cup! I’ve been letting Calvin explore a lot this summer no matter the mess. He loves it and it also kills time.

I really think any toddler would love this activity! It’s fun and can be messy, plus you don’t need a lot of supplies for it.

Here you can find other experiments that your toddler would love. Let me know if you do! Would love to see your experiment fun!

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