Toddler Summer Faves

It has been a very interesting summer and unfortunately with COVID -19 we’ve had to become very creative with Calvin at home, whether through Pinterest activities or purchasing items that can help us keep him busy. It’s been fun having him home and being able to enjoy who he’s developing to me. He loves music and water. This summer he discovered a love for painting, which was sweet. He hated paint before or anything on his hands. I’m always looking for things worth buying for a toddler. I feel like they’ll enjoy just about anything, no matter how small.

The items below have been so beneficial to Calvin’s learning and motor skill development. I always try to find toys and tools that can help him in skills he’s lacking in. I know many mamas are always trying to find things to keep their kiddos busy with during this season. Below you will find the tools and toys that we have loved this summer. I hope you love them too.

  1. Do A Dot Art! Markers – These are amazing for toddlers still exploring paint and colors. You can also use them to practice color patterns and hand motor skills.
  2. Count & Match Egg Toy – I love these eggs for many reasons, you can use them to teach your toddlers matching, numbers and colors. They also sell eggs with different spaces inside of them.
  3. Li’l Gen Water Beads – The water beads are so much fun to do water activities with. They grow in water and it also comes with hand tools that toddlers can use to pick up the beads. Teaching toddlers to scoop and pick items with tools is such a great motor skill that develops independence. It’s an area we’re working on with our son.
  4. Crayola Bathtub Tools – These are great for one year olds and up. Bathtime is always a great time to just relax and have fun. We use these all the time during bathtime. Calvin loves coloring on the walls and I love that I get to wash it off. ha!
  5. Kinetic Sand – I’m a huge fan of kinetic sand. I use this a lot at working counseling students. The sand is a great relaxation tool for toddlers.
  6. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Bundle – These are great for traveling. Each book is waterbase, it comes with a small brush and the color appears on the pages, plus it’s mess free. Calvin loved these during car or train rides.
  7. Play- Doh – Great for hand motor skills and building imagination.
  8. Manhattan Toy Making Faces 34-Piece Emotion Toy – Our current favorite! We’re going through a lot of emotions right now and this tool has been so great for helping Calvin identify his emotions. He also loved making different faces. He knows which magntic creates which emotions. I also love that the plan faces are different color skin shades.
  9. Lovevery – This is a every three months subcribtion box. Each box comes with tools and activities perfect for each milestone your kiddo is developing in. I would suggest checking which box fits the areas you want your baby or toddler to explore.
  10. Melissa & Doug See & Spell,Multi – This activity is wonderful for identify letters and words. Calvin enjoys puzzles and this tool allows him to search for the letters and match them.

Do you have any toddler tools or activities that you love? Share them with me!

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