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    Spring Time Rides with Colugo

    The spring time is always my favorite season. Both of my boys are September babies, which means I’ve spent a lot of my postpartum indoors due to the cold weather in NYC. So once spring time comes I love strolling the neighborhood for some fresh air or picking up Calvin from preschool. Recently we’ve been using our Colugo “The Complete Stroller” and it’s pretty amazing. Comes in a few different colors, but army green is our fave. We currently have the stroller attached to their “Complete Infant Kit” which allows the stroller to work as a bassinet for smaller babies. The kit comes with a universal car seat adapter, extra infant padding and allows you to lay flat the stroller seat in order to give baby a comfy flat ride.

    A few cool features about the stroller, the shade hood extends and its UPF 50 to keep your child safe from the sun during sunny days. The seat can either be places forward or rear facing as baby gets older. Once baby is about four moths, you” notice they love seeing out and paying attention to the world around them. The seat has a 175 degree recliner which is great for nap time and sitting up to eat a snack.

    I love that the height is great enough for Calvin to see his baby brother and check in during our rides together.

    The stroller has an all wheel suspension and can smoothy glide through grass, curbs, and concrete without having to struggle through the bumps of the city. All this city mom wants is to have a smooth ride without waking up her baby.

    The extra large basket is great for carrying all the extra bags that moms think they need every time they leave home!

    Am I the only one that over packs ? or loves large stroller baskets? Imagine trips to target without a basket… a hot mess.

    One of my favorite parts about this stroller is how easily you can buckle baby in and out. Just one click and it’s unlocked, but secure enough for baby to stay in. I also love that it has extra padding on the straps to protect baby from any strap burns. The pads are also great teether! ha! Folding the stroller can feel a little tricky but once you got it, its the easiest stroller to fold.

    The Colugo complete stroller comes with a few thing already as part of the packaging, a cup holder and rain cover. Which is something very hard to find with most strollers, how great is it that everything is sold together! if you’re looking for a stroller for all seasons, check out Colugo.



    Giving a soon to be big brother, a big boy room.

    Leading up to the arrival of Lucas, we wanted to give Calvin a space he could call his own. We spent the summer potty training him, transitioning him from a crib to a big boy bed and preparing him to be a big brother. This fall he turned three years old and I wanted his room to feel bright and exciting.

    Much of my inspiration for the room came from Pinterest. I went for a color palette that was a combination of bright and dark, very kid friendly. I took a trip to Home-depot and found this color combination to be beautiful. A tip I would give to any parent trying to paint small areas in their kids room is to buy”8 oz sample paint”. It’s cheaper ( $3.98) and has enough paint to create a color block wall.

    Below you will find some pictures I found on Pinterest that inspired the look for Calvin’s room.

    I’m so excited to have finally finished Calvin’s room after spending four months putting it together. I created small spaces in his room for him to be a kid and also enjoy alone time. His reading / quiet area is my favorite part of the room, it’s bright and cozy for any toddler. The room also has art work done by my husband and pieces that represent us and Calvin. Below each picture you will find the link to furniture / decor we used for his room. I tried to stay on a small budget and also considered that eventually Lucas will be joining him in his room.

    Wood Hangers , Boyhood Sign , NYC MTA Alphabet Map
    Gathre Mat, guirita pillow , Star Pillow (similar), Curtains , Action Figures

    Are you planning on redecorating your toddlers room? I hope this space sparks up your imagination.

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    Transforming a Bronx Bedroom into your dream Nursery

    As I prepare to celebrate Calvin’s 3rd birthday this Wednesday, I can’t help but remember what the days looked like leading up to his birth. Our one-bedroom Bronx apartment was a small and mess, we also had celebrated our baby shower days before giving birth. Everything was everywhere! The crib wasn’t built and whatever vision I had in mind for a nursery quickly faded for two reasons, Calvin was seven weeks early and our apartment was way too small to dream big.


    This second time around being blessed with a full-term pregnancy and also spending a lot of time at home, I let my heart guide my creativity. If there’s one thing I’ve been fighting off these last few months, it’s been discouragement of any kind.

    After losing one of our best friends, I entered into a place of mourning and I found myself needing an escape. So I began looking for inspiration on nursery’s and a painted sun caught my attention. It warmed my heart and was a sweet reminder of the ray of sunshine our friend Ada was. I haven’t been able to fully connect with our second son and transforming our bedroom gave me a chance to connect with him. The details of this nursery have brought my heart so much joy and hope. I’m sure my son will display it.

    Room Details: Baby moblie, DockaTOT, Babyletto Crib,

    Here is the reveal of our small section nursery. Although we live in a two-bedroom, we wanted the baby to stay with us. So we got some paint and divided a small space of it so it’s just for the baby. I also want to encourage any mama that is a one-bedroom apartment. Please don’t let your bedroom discourage you from being creative with your space. I hear so many stories of mamas feeling guilty over not having a “perfect nursery” or a spare room for their baby, I want you to know your baby doesn’t care about that. You are their first home and nursery.

    Details: Wood Camera, Hamilton Frame, Acrylic Floating Wall 

    I picked out pieces for the baby that I love. I love taking pictures and Hamilton. My favorite song is ” Dear Theodosia”, I dedicated that song to Calvin before he was born. I had my husband print some of the lyrics on these wooden frames from Society.6, I hope to read them to the boys one day.

    Details: New York Banner, Wall Wooden Rack, Acrylic Shelf

    Room Details: Rocking Chair, Diaper Pail,

    Room Detail: Cube Storage, Fawn Design Bag, Curtain’s

    I love everything about this section. I wanted the colors to go with the ones we’re using for Calvin’s big boy room. We’re reusing the crib we got for Calvin, it’s really cute and it’s held on for three years. This time around we will be using cube storage bins to store the baby’s clothes. We wanted to save money and we honestly don’t need much storage for the baby. The most expensive piece we got was the rocking chair. I would never pay what I did for this chair, but it’s so comfy and eventually, we want it for our living room.

    Details: Family Poster, Wood Hanger

    Room Detail: Gathre Changing Pad, Wipes & Diaper Holder, Letter sign, Wood toy, Ikea Drawer, Wooden Shelves

    This other side is our changing area. I just wanted some selves and a poster. I was looking through the society.6 website and I came across this poster of a family of four and bought it right away. I love line art, I actually have a tattoo of Calvin and I, in this style. I’m ready to get another one that represents the bond that I have with this new baby.

    This is our latest sonogram, baby boy has chubby cheeks and he’s weighing already 6lb and 10oz. I can’t wait to squeeze him and see if he looks anything like his dad.

    These are some shots from our family maternity shoot, I love just how well our photographer captured the room and these moments with Calvin. It’s crazy to think that soon my heart will beat in two little bodies. I’m scared but very excited to live life as a mom of two boys.

    I can’t wait to finally take pictures with the baby in his area and enjoy all of him here in our home.

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    Take a Moment Mama

    Between preparing for labor or getting the kids ready to start remote learning/ school, it can feel like each minute of your time is occupied with something else other than just you. The quiet moments that we desire often seem hard to find and the plan you made to catch a breath outside has become the last thing on your list; since it takes almost forever to leave the house with any child.

    However taking a moment looks like for you, just take time to take it. I know it often seems impossible but it’s so necessary. Taking a moment for you doesn’t mean you have to leave the kids behind, you may just consider your self-care time a time where you just hang with the kids, soaking up all of them. 

    So here are a few tips for taking a moment: 

    – Breathe, before you pick up your phone or check off the first task on your to-do list… time a few mins to be in silence. 

    – Plan a time in the day or week where you focus on one thing that brings you joy. 

    -Remember to slow down, what will get done… will get done. 

    – Ask for help, how can someone else help you this week ? 

    – When the kids are in bed and the house is quiet… stop scrolling. Netflix has tons of great shows. 

    – Take a moment to remember just how beautiful and spectacular you are. You kill it everyday without a break.

    Book Recommendation

    If you’re a new mom… nope if you’re a mom I would recommend you get this book. I got it about a year ago and it always encourages and helps me understand some of my thoughts as a mom. Being a mom can feel overwhelming sometimes and it’s okay to say that out loud. I feel like sometimes we feel so much shame for thinking half of the things we think about. During my postpartum, I struggled a lot with feeling joy in being a mom and I was very anxious all the time about something happening to my son. I often wished I would have voiced half of the things I was thinking without feeling like someone would judge me. In this book, you’ll find all those thoughts you hide from other moms but also the ones you feel scared about saying out loud to yourself. Remember you were you before being a mom, think of who you were, and take care of her.