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    Spring Time Rides with Colugo

    The spring time is always my favorite season. Both of my boys are September babies, which means I’ve spent a lot of my postpartum indoors due to the cold weather in NYC. So once spring time comes I love strolling the neighborhood for some fresh air or picking up Calvin from preschool. Recently we’ve been using our Colugo “The Complete Stroller” and it’s pretty amazing. Comes in a few different colors, but army green is our fave. We currently have the stroller attached to their “Complete Infant Kit” which allows the stroller to work as a bassinet for smaller babies. The kit comes with a universal car seat adapter, extra infant padding and allows you to lay flat the stroller seat in order to give baby a comfy flat ride.

    A few cool features about the stroller, the shade hood extends and its UPF 50 to keep your child safe from the sun during sunny days. The seat can either be places forward or rear facing as baby gets older. Once baby is about four moths, you” notice they love seeing out and paying attention to the world around them. The seat has a 175 degree recliner which is great for nap time and sitting up to eat a snack.

    I love that the height is great enough for Calvin to see his baby brother and check in during our rides together.

    The stroller has an all wheel suspension and can smoothy glide through grass, curbs, and concrete without having to struggle through the bumps of the city. All this city mom wants is to have a smooth ride without waking up her baby.

    The extra large basket is great for carrying all the extra bags that moms think they need every time they leave home!

    Am I the only one that over packs ? or loves large stroller baskets? Imagine trips to target without a basket… a hot mess.

    One of my favorite parts about this stroller is how easily you can buckle baby in and out. Just one click and it’s unlocked, but secure enough for baby to stay in. I also love that it has extra padding on the straps to protect baby from any strap burns. The pads are also great teether! ha! Folding the stroller can feel a little tricky but once you got it, its the easiest stroller to fold.

    The Colugo complete stroller comes with a few thing already as part of the packaging, a cup holder and rain cover. Which is something very hard to find with most strollers, how great is it that everything is sold together! if you’re looking for a stroller for all seasons, check out Colugo.



    Baby needs a Car seat? Say what? (Review)

           As a city mom without a car, I’ve never really cared about a car seat. It’s one of those things that for someone without a car just doesn’t seem necessary. I travel by bus and train with Calvin, it’s our main line of transportation. However, the downside to that sometimes we take an Uber to get somewhere faster. I’ll admit, a car seat isn’t present most of the times and I’m always playing the worst scenarios in my head. What if a car hits this Uber? Or maybe another car cuts him off and he brakes really hard? Will I be fast enough to protect Calvin? The reality is, I won’t be. That’s the problem with not having a car seat. I always ask other moms how they travel with their baby if they don’t own a car or need to take a cab somewhere, they all said the same thing ” sometimes we have a car seat and other times we don’t”. So what car seat do you know is fit for you and which one does your toddler use? What about the safety laws in place for car seats in the city? Well, I did a little research with the help of Chicco and they sent us over one of their best car seats NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat.

          My first thought about the Nextfit Zip Max Convertible car seat was, ” wow, it’s super padded and comfy looking”. That’s the first thing I loved about it. I also loved that it’s a convertible car seat, which means you can use it from birth all the way until your toddler is 65 pounds. How amazing is that? Way to save yourself the trouble of buying multiple car seats. The NextFit Zip Max is designed for children between 4-50 pounds in rear-facing mode, 22-65 pounds in forward-facing mode, and up to 49 inches tall. Here are a few other things you should know about it:

    1. 25% more legroom* in rear-facing mode and extended calf support in forward-facing mode
    2. 9-position ReclineSure leveling system ( IT RECLINES! Which means babies head can always lay flat during sleep) 
    3. SuperCinch LATCH tightener
    4. LockSure seat belt locking system
    5. DuoGuard side-impact protection
    6. Dual-density foam padding
    7. Steel-reinforced frame
    8. Removable, full-body newborn positioner
    9. Zip-and-wash seat pad and breathable 3D AirMesh backrest
    10. 9-position easy-adjust headrest
    11. 2 dishwasher-safe CupFolders
    12. No-rethread harness w/ one-pull tightener
    13. ComfortFlex waist belt

         The car seat was so easy to install during some trips we’ve taken with friends and it was very comfortable for Calvin. As a toddler, he hates sitting down for a long period of time but with the car seat is managed to stay put with the help of some entertainment and sleep. I love how you can position the headrest to fit perfectly between the baby’s head and keep him or her safe in case of a car accident. The features of this car seat allow you to safely place baby in a car and also have some peace of mind. You’ll notice in one of the pictures that the seat has a scale which lets you know whether the seat is properly in place, how cool is that? This is a car seat you definitely want to invest in if you have a car. It’s perfect for any growing baby.

    So now to my research on car safety in New York City, “The Empire State, under its NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law, requires children to be in an applicable child restraint system until age 8, specifically:”

    • Rear-facing car seat – required for children under age 2, unless the child reaches the maximum height and weight requirements of the seat;
    • Forward-facing car seat – required for children under age 4 and under 40 pounds;
    • Booster seat – required for children ages 4 to 8 or children under 4 and over 40 pounds;
    • Vehicle’s seat belt system – for children ages 8 through 16.

    Starting in November 2019,  the law states that all children under the age of 2 must use a rear-facing car seat. There are 2 types of rear-facing car seats: Infant Seats and Convertible/All-in-One Seats.

     According to “Child Passenger Safety for Parents” It is recommended that infants and toddlers ride in a rear-facing seat until they reach the weight or height limit of the seat. Most children will outgrow a rear-facing infant seat before reaching their 2nd birthday. If the child has outgrown an infant seat, it is recommended that a larger, rear-facing Convertible or All-in-One car seat with higher rear-facing height and weight limits be used. These seats should be installed in the rear-facing position until the child reaches the rear-facing weight or height limit set by the car seat manufacturer.

    I gained much-needed information on safely transporting Calvin thanks to Chicco, I’m so glad they gave me the opportunity to review their NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat.   

    Below I’ve shared some safety tips for you to keep in mind and here is a glimpse of Calvin in his new car seat!

    Processed with VSCO with f1 preset


    Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

    Here are some tips I learned:

    • Tips for Parents/Caregivers:
      • Be sure your children are properly and safely restrained for every car ride, every time.
      • Get your car seat(s) inspected at a local fitting station or check event. Bring your child with you so that a certified technician can ensure that the car seat is appropriate and fitted correctly for your child.
      • Avoid buying used child safety seats. There is no guarantee for safety when purchasing a used car seat at a garage sale, flea market, or thrift store. These seats may be expired, have missing parts, be damaged, or may have been recalled. There is no way of knowing if these seats have been in a crash and if they had received damage that can’t be seen with the naked eye.
      • Stay focused on the road and your surroundings. Never drive distracted and never use your cell phone or any electronic device while driving. If there is an emergency, safely pull off the road or into a “Texting Zone” before using your device(s).
      • Drive sober. Never drive impaired by alcohol or drugs and discourage others from doing so.


    Fun Fact: Did you know that car seats actually expire!

    So make sure to check the expiration date on your car seat.


     Transparent City Mama



    Is He Breathing ? (Omie View Mirror Review)

    I think one of the scariest things about bringing a baby home especially if you were in the NICU is putting baby to sleep, at least for me it was. The reality is that not a lot of people talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but it’s real and it happens.

    So what is SIDS? It’s explained as an unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. There is no explanation for it, but tragically it happens. It the very reason when you leave the hospital one of the things you’re told is to never put your baby in a crib with blankets, pillows, stuff animals or even cotton crib bumpers. Your baby must sleep on its back and swaddle. I don’t know about you mama, but I was really overwhelmed thinking about the idea of Calvin not being able to breathe. So many concerns, ” what if he turns?”, or ” what if he comes unsaddled and the blanket covers his face?” It’s all scary.

    In our case, Calvin vomited a lot as a baby. Although he slept with us in our room, every noise he made we would hop off our bed and check him. Especially after we had a scary moment with him where he was choking on his own vomit. If we had him in the pack in play sleeping, I would stare at him at night just watching his stomach rise up and down, just to make sure he was breathing. I would spend hours watching him breathe. Being a new parent can feel overwhelming and scary, so I’m grateful for brands that make products thinking of parents. Why? Because they themselves are parents.

    Omie View gave me the opportunity to review their product and I have to say that it’s a product that I wish I would have known about when Calvin was born. You can place it on a bassinet or crib as another way to monitor baby especially if your baby cam is not near. With the remote, you can change the angle you desire to see your baby. The view is clear enough to give you peace. I love that you can use it for both a bassinet and a crib. Safe sleeping is so important for babies and toddlers. Having the right products makes things so much smoother.

    These are some of the features shared by them:

    • Equipped with a convex mirror to give you a better range of view of your baby inside the bassinet.
    • A remote control allows you to adjust the mirror so you have a constant view of your baby, no matter how often you move around.
    • Soft LED light to see your baby in even the darkest of rooms.
    • As mobile as your bassinet. Use it in your room, living room, kitchen or on-the-go. Wherever you take your bassinet, take along your Omie View.

    ” The Omie View Bassinet Mirror was created by parents for parents, to allow you to monitor your baby resting in a bassinet or crib, without having to get up or sit up to see them. It’s easy to use and flexible—just clip it to the side of the bassinet/crib and adjust the mirror angle with its handy remote control. 

    If you’re a mom to be or new mama, definitely recommend this product. Makes the perfect baby shower gift, especially for a first time mama.


    Smilingtreetoys (Review)

    There’s just some baby things you never want to miss out on getting, baby blocks are one of them. There just so adorable and precious, they remind you of childhood. I knew that I wanted wood blocks even more Calvin was a thought. So I was supper excited when @smilingtreetoys ( sent us over these custom-made blocks for Calvin. Their just so precious. He loves  playing with them and even loves it more when I stack them up so he  can push them down. He loves building stuff. Each block even has a letter of his name, so sweet is that! These blocks are beautifully made and add the perfect touch to any kids room. I uses them as decor for Calvin’s birthday party.

    They have so many custom-made pieces for you to choose from, teethers, puzzles, ornaments, wood trucks, building blocks and so much more. If your looking for the perfect shop to buy these things, defiantly get them from their company!

    I’ll hold these pieces forever.