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    Baby Tush – Eliandalibaby (Review)

        I’m super excited to share with you one of my favorite ( also Calvin’s daycare fave ) baby products! This tush swiper is by @eliandalibaby! They created a diaper cream applicator that fits all diaper cream tubes! How amazing is that!

    So why buy a diaper swiper? Well, did you wash your hands before applying diaper cream over your baby’s booty or after? Or do you have a hard time getting the residue off your fingers ?… this is why! I’m all about products that make my life easy! I’ve been using a tush swiper since Calvin was a baby. It’s easy to use and makes taking care of diaper rashes so much easier. I love that this swiper can go anywhere with you.

    This product also prevents cross-contamination from hands, especially with Calvin being at a daycare this is important to me. It’s also easy to use clean, you can wipe it off with a wet towel or sterilize it. They have two different colors, blue and orange. The price is $14.49 on Amazon, which includes the applicator top and the adaptor to fit different diaper creams. This is definitely a baby must have!

    So, mommy to be, a tush swiper is a must! Check them out!! @eliandalibaby .




    Bedtime Routine

    Routine baby, routine!

    I’ve had a few mamas asked about my bedtime routine with Calvin and sleep training. First I will say this, Calvin has been a great sleeper since he was born which made creating a bedtime routine easier. My first advice, find a routine that works for your family, my routine is centered around my husband’s work schedule and when Calvin is most tired. Think about your schedule, babies feeding times, when is he or she most tired? and what soothes baby?. Because I’ve been bottle feeding Calvin since he was born it was also easier to slowly remove night feeds, he was sleeping through the night by 4 months. Also, babies go through a sleep regression, which means at some point they revert back to waking up at night out of nowhere. During this period we kept our routine and it’s been working ever since.

    So this is the routine that has worked for us:

    • 8:00pm – Last meal ( usually a heavy veggie like sweet potato, squash chunks, potatoes, green beans etc)
    • 9:15pm – Bath time ( this we aim to do bath time every other night, but as Calvin starts getting older we definitely want this to be part of our every night routine)
    • 9:30pm – change into PJ’s, lights off, Night light is on, and play lullabies. ( we’ve been playing the Hillsong baby lullabies since we started this routine, along with waterfall sounds and Super Mario bro lullaby. They all soothe him depending on his mood)
    • 10pm – sitting in rocking chair and feed last bottle, give him his wubnub Paci till he falls asleep and take him over to his crib.

    He usually falls asleep within 15 mins and doesn’t wake up till 8 am ish. If he wakes up earlier we pat his booty and shush him quietly, he goes back to sleep.

    On really bad nights ( teething nightmares, oh those nights are truly nightmares! ) we did our same routine but since he would wake up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night we co slept with him. He got rest and we got rest! Everyone is happy!!

    Things that did not work for me, the crying method. If you’ve endured this method for more than 5 minutes, OOF Your a trooper!. We couldn’t, I remember telling my husband for nights ” he needs to cry it out! Don’t pick him up!” And I couldn’t even last 5 minutes without getting up and putting him on our bed. But I will advice that during your days of sleep training baby, picking baby up should be your last option. But that’s my opinion, find what comforts baby most. Also, doing our routine earlier. I tired a 7:30pm bedtime, but with My husband’s work schedule he would never see Calvin and that was something he felt he couldn’t do. So we kept it at 10pm. Calvin needs daddy time too!

    If your a breastfeeding mommy your routine will look a little different. I know removing feedings at night can be hard especially when your boob soothes baby to sleep. I’ve read from other breastfeeding moms that this transition can be rough, so be patient with baby and yourself. Sleep training is hard boob or no boo but you’ll get there. Some moms have shared that every week they removed one breastfeed at night until baby was able to stay 6 hours without a night feeding. Remember, you’re boob might just be a soother for baby at night when their crying. Try finding something else that will soothe him or her, paci, patting, music, rocking etc. These nights will feel long but once you can get into a routine it will be smooth. Babies are able to master routines quickly as long as your constant.


    Transparent city mama


    BookRoo (Review)

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    Growing up reading was not my thing, I didn’t like it nor was I good at it. I remember that my teachers would only get me to read if I would listen to the audio version of the book. Those were fun memories. Anyways, while I was pregnant I was already buying my favorite childhood books for Calvin. The Giving Tree was my first on the list! Guys, is it just me or does that book not make you cry! I can never get to the end without sobbing!

    @bookroo_love is a subscription for kids that helps them fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening gifts with discovery of new, treasured books. I really enjoyed opening each book myself, I can’t imagine a kid. So much excitement.

    Bookroo offers three types of boxes, board book ( ages 0-3), picture books ( ages 2-6) and chapter books (ages 7-10). Every month is a new surprise for books! I personally loved each one of these books and Calvin loved the touch feel book. I’m excited to make these three books part of our reading time. Each one is so unique. The ” Planes, Trains and  Animobiles ” book teaches children about different animals and different ways of transportation, it’s funny and cute. Calvin loves when I add noise effects to each new animal we meet. The ” Eyes” book is filled with vivid colors, each page displays the detail in each animal’s eyes. Great book to teach babies to identify their eyes. My favorite of all is the touch and feel ” Animals” book. Calvin loves touching the different textures inside the book, this is also his first touch and feel book. Anyways, did you notice a pattern in each book? yes, they were all about animals. Every month you can look forward to a new theme. I truly believe this box is worth the subscription, I hope that Calvin loves reading as much as I do and this box will bring that excitement for reading.

    New favorites delivered monthly!


    <a href=””>Bookroo’s Junior Box</a>


    Traveling with a Baby

    IMG_1005This past week our family took a trip to Punta Cana, DR. It was our first family trip with Calvin and I was a bit nervous about bringing a baby on a plane. I think as a parent you start imagining all the things that can go wrong, I mean who really wants to be on a quiet plane and have their baby screaming and crying? No one. lol, So my first tip is, book an early flight. Most babies take naps early in the morning and the hope is that the motion of the plane would make them sleepy. When booking your flight I would suggest getting a seat near the aisle, it gives you easy access to the bathroom just in case the baby needs a diaper change. During check-in time you should also note that you are allowed a carry on and a diaper bag. If you decide to take your stroller on your trip, your stroller is to be checked in but you will not be charged. We checked in one luggage and our Grand DockAtot ( We did have to pay for this because it’s a sleeper and big.) If you own the Deluxe size, you can just take it as carry on.

       So how should you carry baby on a flight? One of my mommy friend’s suggested I use my Ergobaby carrier, it’s more comfortable and better support and you want to get rid of as much baggage as possible. I packed our stroller, my Wildbird sling, and the Ergobaby just for different options to carry Calvin around.

       Our flight was at 7:45am, as soon as the plane took off Calvin went right to sleep. He goes to sleep pretty fast with any motion, his reaction was funny. It looked like he got scared and pulled close to my chest and forced himself to sleep! Ruben and I were dying laughing. Here are a few things I thought were a must for the flight.

    Blanket ( #target ), Paci ( #wubbaNub ), Noise blocker headphones ( #Banz ), Security Blanket. 

    A blanket can be useful because of the temperature on the plane, I didn’t dress Calvin in a long sleeve onesie since our flight would be short and our destination was hot, so I figured a blanket was needed. I brought along his favorite comfort blanket and his WubbaNub. (He loves it! I’ve tried so many pacifiers and he won’t take none. ) The Banz noise blocked headphones, I love them but Calvin hates them. lol, I love them because they do block out noises and help babies sleep in loud places. Calvin would keep them on when he was much smaller, now, not so much. If you do have a smaller baby I would suggest investing in a pair. I took Calvin to a concert with these headphones and they were everything.

    Skip Hop ( changer), Wipes ( Pampers) , Aveeno ( Sunscreen), Babyganics ( teething pods), Boon ( Health and Grooming Kit), Mustela ( Eczema Lotion) 

    For basic baby care products, I packed all of these. I really love the Skip Hop changer bag, we got it for our baby shower. It comes with pockets to store wipes, diapers, and baby bottom cream. The changing pad is also plastic and removable. I love that you can just take it with you without having to carry your diaper bag to the bathroom, especially on a plane.  I packed Tylenol, body and face sunscreen, baby bug spray, lotion, teething pods, our health and grooming bag, diapers and of course clothes. I packed around 8 items of clothes for 5 days.

    HappyBaby products can be bought at @Target

    FOOD! / snacks are very important. I tried to pack as much as I could. We brought a can of formula ( which did not end up being enough), and all of our HappyBaby snacks. I really love this company, they’re organic and they have so many different food products. I packed puffs and teether crackers, oatmeal cereal, and pouches. I’m not a fan of store baby food ( just my preference) I’ve been making Calvin’s puree food since he started solids. However, I would have been crazy to take frozen food with me, so I settled for their pouches. I really like that the pouch is clear so I can see what’s inside, they have so many different veggie and fruit combinations and they’re organic. If you looking for a great baby food company, I would recommend Happybaby.

    Fisherprice ( game control), The first years ( cup stacks) , @Bookroo_love ( book), Fisherprice ( feet piano) 

    TOYS! Pack all of babies favorites. It’s like bringing a piece of home with them. These made our trip easier because we could entertain Calvin when we were at the beach/ pool or eating out. He loved playing at the beach with his cup stacks, we have so much fun putting them on his head. He giggles all the time trying to figure out what’s on his head.

    Swinways ( Baby float) Amazon ( Gate Bag)

    These two items I would consider necessary, I bought this float for Calvin to protect him from the sun while being in the pool and also for his own safety. If you’re going on vacation and you will be going to the pool, you can always ask the hotel if they provide floats for babies/ kids. The gate bag was suggested by our friend, she shared that she experienced damages on her stroller when she checked it at the gate and lost parts of the stroller. I bought this bag on Amazon and it was really great. Our stroller still had some minor damages but it was in one piece.

    DockATot is heaven sent

    If you didn’t know most hotels offer cribs for babies. So be sure to ask your hotel if they have cribs. I think choosing a family-friendly hotel is probably a great option for a family vacation. For our trip we brought our DockAtot Grand along, Calvin loves sleeping in it and its super comfy. Although our hotel provides a crib for us, he ended up sleeping with us in his DockAtot. The bed was actually big enough for us three for the first time. ha! The DockATot is a baby product that I love and if you’re traveling with a small baby I think it’s worth investing in especially if you are co-sleeping. It’s safe, comfortable and you can take it with you anywhere. I would also suggest getting a travel bag for it, I wish would have had one for this trip to avoid the headache of it getting damaged at check-in.  I’m so thankful they sent us over a travel bag for our next trip! Thanks, DockATot! ( sponsored) 


    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these tips and that your first trip with a baby is wonderful! If you have more tips, please be sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to my blog if you want to follow my journey!


    Transparent city mama.