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    What’s in my diaper bag this summer?


    This summer has been filled with so many adventures with Calvin, but as a city mama, it often can be a struggle when carrying too many things.  So here’s my summer go-to bag. This is the diaper bag I use when I’m doing small trips to Target or to get groceries. This is one of my favorite diaper bags by @fawndesign , I got it as a Christmas gift from my husband. I was eyeing it for a few months and at some point, the company had a sale, so you know I had to grab one.  I really wanted a small bag that could be used in the summer for quick trips or to keep me from overpacking when traveling alone with Calvin. This bag is just amazing. It’s a lightweight, super cute, great quality and has 9 pockets in total. How amazing is that!  It’s small but holds enough of what I need for Calvin on small trips. It’s a must-have city mom bag especially as a baby transition into toddler stage. They also have a much bigger diaper bag in the same style, so check them out!

     Here are some of the products I carry with me always:

    Baby wipes



    Sunscreen for both Calvin and I (@aveenous & @supergoop),

    Bug spray @babyganics,

    Snacks @happybaby,

    Boogie wipes

    Hands and face wipes @target,

    Bottle @twistshakebaby

    Bib @bumkinsbaby

    Teether @babybananabrush ( Calvin’s has 5 teeth coming in! Pray for your girl!)

    An extra outfit from our favorite place @carters.

    Anyways, I would love to know what you mama’s are carrying in your diaper bags this summer! Leave a comment!