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    Lava You (DIY)

    It’s been a tough week for our family and being a parent during this time has been difficult. The hardest part about mourning as a parent is also having to be emotionally and physically present for your child. Calvin reminds me that life continues to happen no matter how much I want to stop time. So in the mist of sadness and grief we did a this DIY Lava Lamp. He was so amazed and loved it, we know our dearest Tia Ada would have loved watching videos of this.

    Items needed for this DIY:

    Cooking Oil , Water, Food Coloring & Alka Seltzer Tablets

    Added half the cup with water and oil, then added some food coloring drops. Calvin choose the color blue.

    After I had him put the pieces of seltzer in the cup, I’ve enjoyed having him help during these projects. I’ve been using it as a time to practice active listening.

    The bubbling was really amazing to see! He loved it!

    This experiment is pretty quick and easy, so I would say doing at least three jars at a time. You definitely need lots of oil and consider using taller plain water bottles. It’s perfect for a toddler and great for building conversations.

    Some questions I asked him and things I had him identify as we did the lava lamp:

    What is the oil? , what is the water?, what colors do you see on the table ?, what color is the water turning?, what color is the seltzer tablet?, what is happening now that we put the seltzer inside?

    If you’ve done this DIY before let me know how your kiddo love it or what you did differently.

    Kids Activites

    Pinterest Fun (Making fluffy Slime)

    I’m not a crafty mom, I love crafts but kid crafts can be a little messy for me! Does ANY mama feel me? This quarantine has taught me a lot about using my imagination and finding activities to do with Calvin while we’re stuck at home. Every week I’ve been trying to do at least two Pinterest sensory/ toddler activities. Some have been a failure, but some have been amazing. I had a few mamas ask about today’s activity and since I documented today’s fun, I decided to share it here.

    Today’s Pinterest activity was making “fluffy slime”. I’ve never made slime before and until recently Calvin has been fascinated with playing with different textures. He usually dislikes things on his hands but he’s been adventuring his hand motor skills. These activities have been so great for our bonding time and also challenging because it requires I have a lot of patience and little control. Allowing toddlers to freely play is so important for their development, but if you’re anything like me it’s definitely hard to accept. He’s in a “helper” stage and constantly asking to help around and do things on his own. During our activities, I try to give him the freedom to do so even if he makes a mess.

    Below you will find the recipe for creating your own “fluffy slime”. Enjoy!

    Fluffy Slime Ingredients

    Foam shaving cream

    Elmer’s Glue – 4oz bottle

    Food coloring or Watered down paint

    Baking Soda

    Saline Solution

    We poured the 4 oz or glue into a clear bowl.
    We added 1/4 cup of paint water
    & 1/2 cups of shaving cream
    Added 1 teaspoon of baking Soda, 1 table spoon of Saline Solution. Apply more Saline to get the texture you want.
    And you mix, mix, mix! He loved getting to do this part.
    At first it may feel a little slimy but it continues getting thicker as you stir.
    Watching him explore the slime was my favorite part.
    This is the end product! So dope!

    He loved getting to do this activity and I was so amazed that he played so much with the slime. I definitely want to create more colors with him and put them together. Hope you enjoy creating some slime with your kiddo!