I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mother. I go by the name of Rosdaly, a 29-year-old city girl born and raised in the Bronx, Nueva York.  I’m also a Latina from Dominican and Honduran immigrant parents. I’ve been married for almost five years to a wonderful husband named Ruben and I’m a mama to two sweet baby boys named Calvin Joaquin and Lucas Mateo. 

    I enjoy sunny days, lots of ice cream, and adventuring in the city that never sleeps. What does this 29-year-old believer, wife, and mama have to share with you? Well, I hope that each time you enter this blog you leave with encouragement, tips, and stories. I’m very transparent about who I am and my struggles, I believe that God uses them to bring comfort to others no matter how messy they are. My hope is that I would encourage you in whatever season you’re in.

I have permanently entered the role of mother, so as I journey through following Jesus faithfully, loving my husband, raising Calvin, and working towards being a social worker, I hope you would walk with me and hear my heart.

Thanks for reading and stopping by! You can follow my motherhood journey also at my Instagram page @transparentcitymama

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